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Born 2 Dance Studio offers the biggest and most diverse adult dance program in Northern Virginia with more than 80 weekly adult classes in 14 dance styles in three locations: Vienna (main), Chantilly, and Arlington.


Our adult dance classes fall into one of the following categories: Technique & Choreography, Dance Fitness or Performance classes, as described below:



1) Technique & Choreography Classes


For those looking to learn a certain dance, such as Belly Dance or Salsa, this is the right class category for you.


Technique & Choreography classes focus on teaching the underlying foundation of a dance style. They break down the movements and utilize drills to instill these movements in your muscle memory.


Some, but not all, Technique & Choreography classes combine these movements to create choreography pieces. Dance styles such as Hip Hop and Bollywood are very choreography-focused by nature, and thus, you're constantly applying the technique you learn into various choreographed routines.


Technique & Choreography classes usually have the word "Technique" in the name. See class schedule below.



2) Dance Fitness Classes


Many students are not just interested in learning how to dance. Dancing as a form of exercise is an increasingly popular choice among many fitness-seekers, who find gym routines and cardio machines to be too monotonous, and oftentimes, ineffective.


While all dance classes naturally provide some exercise, we specifically offer pure Dance Fitness classes, whose sole focus is to work you out. From losing weight and building stamina to enhancing flexibility and boosting cardio strength, dance fitness classes offer a wide array of health benefits... and you still get to learn to dance!


Example of our Dance Fitness classes include Cardio Fusion, Piloxing, Barre, Hip Hop Cardio, Zumba, Belly Dance Fitness and Doonya: Bollywood Fitness.


For those seeking variety, we also offer a Dance Fitness Pass, which allows you to attend any mix of these fitness classes at discounted rates.


Dance fitness classes are always marked with the + sign. See Dance Fitness class schedule below.


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3) Performance Classes


Performance classes allow enrolled students to perform on stage at our semi-annual shows.


The shows, also known as Recitals, are big productions held at a professional venue, typically with over 250 performers, more than 30 choreography pieces and a crowd exceeding 1,000 people in attendance.  The performers are mostly students, along with our instructors and our in-house resident dance companies. Visit our Performance Video Gallery


You don't have to be an experienced dancer to participate in our shows; in fact, many of the students who do are beginners!


To determine whether a class is performance-based, look for the **^symbol next to the name. See class schedule below


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Helpful Schedule and Policy Guidelines


- The word Session refers to the multi-week semester of classes (e.g. 11-Week Spring Session)

- Prorated Fees reflect the number of weeks left in the session ($15 x Number of weeks)

- A Drop-In is a single one-hour class and costs $20

- Once enrolled, you can Make Up classes you miss (but must be within the same session)

- Class are offered in three locations: Vienna (main), Chantilly, and Arlington. Each of the schedules below is specific to one location in: Vienna (main), Chantilly, and Arlington.









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Prorated Fees: The Session fees shown above are prorated to reflect the number of weeks remaining in the session. You only pay for the classes that are left in the session.


* Open-Session Class: This Open Session class allows students to do Drop-Ins or Prorated Enrollment at any time throughout the session.


** Enrollment-Session Class: This Enrollment Session class allows students to do Drop-Ins or Prorated Enrollment only up until the session's 3rd week.


**^ Recital Performance Class: This performance class allows students to do Drop-Ins or Prorated Enrollment only up until the session's 2nd week. Students in this class are eligible to perform on stage at the 16th semi-annual Recital on Sunday, November 22nd.


+ Fitness Class: Students can also attend this dance fitness class at discounted rates as part of the  Dance Fitness Pass


Make-Ups: Enrolled students who miss a class can do a Make Up by attending any other class, as long as it's within the same session.



-Classes may be canceled for the day due to inclement weather


-Session fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


-Make-Ups must be completed within the same session and do not transfer over

to future sessions


-Classes may be canceled due to low enrollment.



Class Types

Group classes offered at Born 2 Dance Studio are either Enrollment-Session or Open-Session classes, as described below:


1) Enrollment-Session Classes

Enrollment-Session Classes are simply Group Classes that require "enrollment" in the entire session, as opposed to just showing up to class periodically.


The reason being is that Enrollment-Session classes are cumulative in nature. They focus heavily on "technique" and on building the core foundation for the dance style, and therefore, what you learn in one week's class becomes imperative for the next.


By policy, students have up until the fourth week of class to enroll in the session. After that, registration is closed to new students, unless instructor's permission is granted.


We strive to ensure that our students enjoy their classes without the added inconvenience of new students joining in late in the session, so please do your best to register early and within the noted deadline.


Enrollment-Session Classes are noted as such on the Class Schedule, They include Belly Dance (Technique,) Belly Dance (Performance,) Salsa, and Bollywood.


2) Open-Session Classes

Open-session classes are non-cumulative and do not require enrollment. While students can enroll in an entire Open-Session, they are also allowed to just "Drop In" and attend one class at a time only paying for that single class ($20 per drop-in for 1-hour classes or $15 for 45-minute classes.)


Open-Session classes focus on teaching a new routine or set of movements in every class, so that students can attend one class at a time and still benefit from each class individually.


Of course enrolling in an Open-Session class is cheaper than just attending one drop-in at at time (averages out to $15 per class vs. $20 for Drop-Ins.) Also please note that most of our classes tend to fill up


Open-Session Classes are noted as such on the Class Schedule. They include Hip Hop, Zumba and Pilates, as well as all workout classes (i.e. Belly Dance Workout, Salsa Aerobics, Bollywood Workout, etc.)




Class Levels
Technique classes come in various levels, ranging from Beginner all the way to Advanced.



Class Policies

All students are encouraged to provide their feedback about classes, instructors or about our studio in general, using the Suggestion Box at the front desk or by contacting us . We value our students' feedback and are constantly improving our dance studio to meet their demands.


The following are our Class Policies:

*Session-Class fees are neither refundable nor transferable

*Classes may be canceled due to low enrollment.

*The cut-off date for registration in Enrollment-Session Classes is typically four weeks after the start of the session

*We are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen personal property

*To keep our dance floors clean, no street shoes, food or drinks are permitted inside the dance studios. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer Drop-in classes?
Yes! We offer both session as well as drop-in dance classes. Our "Open-Session Classes " allow drop-ins. The same applies for our "Workshops."

Do you offer Youth or Kids classes?
In addition to our Adult Classes, we also offer classes for all age groups. Our Youth Classes include specialized classes for Tots (ages 3-5,) Juniors (ages 6-9), Tweens(ages 10-12) and Teens (ages 13-17). All our Youth classes are taught by pre-screened professional instructors and are customized specifically for that age group, with the goal of promoting active participation and structured learning.


What if I miss one of the classes in a Session?
Students can make up for missed classes in a session by attending 1) a technique class within the same dance style, at the same level or below OR 2) an "Open-Session" class of any dance style. All missed classes must be made up during the same session.

Class Materials

Some classes require specific material and attire (i.e. special dance shoes or hip scarves ). Please select your class from the list below to view the required material. If your class is not listed, then no special material is required.


Belly Dance

Shoes: Barefoot, ballet shoes, jazz shoes or paws.


Attire: Comfortable close-fitting clothing to be able to easily see your isolations & movements. Hip scarves are a must especially for Beginner II and higher levels to help see the hip movements. Beautiful Hip scarves & other belly dance accessories are available for sale at Born 2 Dance Studio's Boutique.



Shoes: Barefoot, ballet shoes, jazz shoes or paws.


Attire: Comfortable close-fitting clothing to be able to easily see your isolations & movements.





Shoes: For Men: Light dress shoes or Salsa dace shoes. For Women: Medium heel shoes or Salsa dance shoes .


Attire: No restrictions.




Shoes: Flamenco shoes recommended. Metal-soled shoes are strictly prohibited.


Attire: No restrictions.





Shoes: Barefoot, ballet shoes, jazz shoes or paws.


Attire: Comfortable workout clothes,




Hip Hop

Shoes: Sneaker, Tennis shoes.


Attire: Comfortable workout clothes.




Break Dancing

Shoes: Sneaker, Tennis shoes.


Attire: Comfortable workout clothes.